Field of Poppies – children’s art for ANZAC Day

Poppies flower details2

Children’s ANZAC art lesson: Field of Poppies – commemorating 100 years since the ANZACs landed at Gallipoli

We have been looking at ANZAC day in the lead up the 100th anniversary of New Zealand soldiers landing on the shores of Gallipoli. We read a lot of stories and reports, about different experiences people have during war. We studied the meaning of symbols and thought about why a poppy is a powerful image of ANZAC and Remembrance Day.

For our ANZAC Day art lesson, we used our iPads to look up poppies and noticed that illustrations of flowers are often really simple, but they don’t look like that in photos! The poppy flower is challenging to draw, but we practiced and got better at it.

Next, we looked closely at the petals and noticed how the colours changed. We used pastels to blend colours on individual petals, showing a transition from light to dark.

Our final artwork was a big mural – over 1.5 metres (5 ft) in length. We used two or three completed flowers from each child. The flowers were cut out and positioned with a stalk cut from green card. We used a dark mountainside (black cartridge) against a coloured sky (dyed cartridge) to represent dawn, the time when the ANZACs first landed at Gallipoli.

Poppies flower details

Poppies full wall



Poppy as a symbol


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