Houses on a volcano – children’s art inspired by Hundertwasser

Erica Hundertwasser

This is a Hundertwasser art lesson that resulted in beautiful children’s artwork. We looked at the art and architecture of the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who lived in New Zealand for the latter part of his life. We talked about the lines, colours and repeated motifs that he we saw in his paintings, and noticed that all of his work is about places people live.

Then we talked about landmarks that represent where we live in Auckland, New Zealand, such as the Sky Tower, Auckland Harbour Bridge, Rangitoto Island and our very special Maungakiekie or One Tree Hill. We practiced drawing landmarks and houses in a Hundertwasser style.

There was a lot of experimentation trying to draw a domed roof and the kids were really excited when they found “real onion roofs!” in pictures of Russia and Eastern Europe. Some children even realised that they had visited Hundertwasser’s toilets, in the upper north of New Zealand.

Our final artworks were A3 images of houses built on the side of hills and volcanoes – just like how we live in Auckland. We used marker pen, pastel and dye on cartridge.

Fullboard developing ideas

Luke Hundertwasser

JonDoe3 Hundertwasser

JonDoe2 Hundertwasser

Erica Hundertwasser

JonDoe Hundertwasser

Betty Hundertwasser

JonDoe2 Hundertwasser

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