Matariki art – children’s art of the Matariki legend

Chloe W Matariki new

photo 5-1

photo 4-1

Luke collage

Erica Matariki

Daniel McNeil Matariki

Chloe B Matariki new

Asher Matariki new

Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. The constellation rises above Aotearoa New Zealand in late May or early June, and for Maori it marks the start of a new year.

We watched videos and read stories about the legend of Matariki, and noticed that there are different versions. We talked about how the Matariki stories differ and how they are they the same.

Next, we wrote our own version of Matariki legend. Our stories needed to:

  • Be set in Maori culture
  • Use some words in te reo Maori
  • Explain why seven stars reappear each year

Finally, we illustrated our stories. We used marker pen, crayon, dye and gems.


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