Preparing decor, costumes and kids for a dance production

CPDS dance prep_planets_2 CPDS dance prep_planets_3

CPDS dance prep_planets_1 CPDS dance prep_planets_4

We extended our study of outer space into the performing arts curriculum, and all the Year 5 classes created dances around a space theme.  Room 27 choreographed a sequence that showed stars floating in space, coming together, and exploding. In the build up to our performance, we got creative with the decor and costumes.

A galaxy of planets and stars were created for the walls of the school hall, which we blacked out using layers of polythene (a really cheap and effective solution, very easy to put up with staple guns and a few ladders). In small groups, children traced and coloured dozens of circles onto large rolls of paper. Some were faithful depictions of planets such as Earth and Mars, others were kids’ wild and fantastic ideas of far-away celestial bodies.

Late after school one night, my colleague Erin and I went loose with loud music and pots of luminous paint. We layered up the children’s artwork with colour that would glow and pop off the walls when the black-lights came on. We had SO MUCH FUN!

CPDS dance prep_costumes3 CPDS dance prep_costumes2Meanwhile, my living room was being transformed into a psychedelic sewing workshop. I planned the costumes around a key moment in our routine, when the kids would come together in concentric circles and perform the final explosion of a star. Piles of flourescent fabric built up, as I pulled together the ideas for 26 costumes. The help of an amazing group of parents finished it all off – we’ve got a great school community, who are so supportive of what we do in class.

Back at school, we were finessing routines and rehearsing our movements. I’m looking forward to showing you the final outcome!


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