More about our outer space costumes


The costumes for our space dance were really effective under the UV lights, and – once we had the concept sorted – relatively simple to put together. The basis of all the costumes were black pants and long-sleeve tops, which the kids bought in from home.


The overall concept came from the layers that made up the final ‘exploding star’ move in their dance routine.
– the central four children had white caps made from stretch jersey, with their clothes covered in big white dots, cut from sheets of adhesive labels. They wore white fringed leg-bands, and spots of face paint. They also secreted in a super-cool accessory – umbrellas covered in glowing circles, that popped and spun like solar systems when our star ‘exploded’.
– the next eight kids were ringed in green. We used fluro gaffer tape to create horizontal lines across their belly, back and arms. They had a single stripe of face paint from ear to ear, and head bands cut from stretchy green fabric.
– the next eight were blue and white, like gases in a star’s atmosphere. They wore blue tops from our school costume cupboard, with ‘wings’ of white tassled fabric sewn along the under-seam of the arms. Their white caps had long tassles that plumed behind them as they danced, and white leg-bands. Three blue parallel stripes were painted on each cheek.
– the final kids, twirling around the outside, were bright comets. They wore pink and orange hats, and arm wings which glowed like flying flames. They all had pink swirls on their cheeks, and the girls had simple, elasticated skirts.

And of course, each child had their own, much-loved poi. We made them using tennis balls from the PE shed, and used gaffer tape to attach 40cm strings and long tails of off-cut fabric.

At the eleventh hour, I pulled together my own costume – a pink bob wig, black and white striped top, white tutu and long white socks under my Doc Martens. The kids cracked up laughing at me – just the way I like it!

With the help of a team of awesome parents it all came together like magic! When the kids finally saw each other  in full costume, with the black lights blazing, they were fizzing with excitement.


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