Painted cast: koi, cherry blossom, lotus flower in acrylic on a broken leg

Painted-cast-koi-tatto-style   before-and-after-tattoo-art-on-plaster-cast

dragonfly-art-painted-on-cast Dragonfly-and-cherry-blossom-on-plaster-cast Japanese-koi-on-broken-leg

I’ve had a go at painting on a different kind of canvas this past week: the plaster cast of my broken leg! I did a tattoo-style painting of koi carp, cheery blossoms and a lotus flower in water, using Createx acrylic paint and Sharpie pens.

I sketched the koi and a few flowers first, using a grey water colour pencil. Then I began layering up Createx acrylic colours, starting with a flat base to get shapes established, before adding light and depth. I repeated this process as I added new elements, then started on the water. I loosely sketched waves, plotting how they would go under the main designs, then started layering shades of blue and white. The whole work was created using only Createx primary colours and white. Finally, I outlined the key elements in Sharpie pen.

I got the injury on only the second day of our school holidays, when I went ice-skating with family. I had a great time … until I stumbled. When my left foot folded behind me, I knew what had happened straight away. Lying on my back and clutching my skate boot, I refused to let go of my ankle. At Auckland A&E they confirmed it: I had broken my fibula. On the surgeon’s orders to rest with my foot up for a couple of weeks, I got out my art tools and started creating.

Despite knowing that it will get destroyed when my cast comes off, I’ve enjoyed creating this painting more than any other I have ever done. I found something very soothing in making something that’s not forever, but simply for right now.

Tattoo-style Japanese koi painted on cast Koi-art-painted-cast-tattoo-styleKoi-and-lotus-pond-painted


2 thoughts on “Painted cast: koi, cherry blossom, lotus flower in acrylic on a broken leg

  1. WOW!!! That looks amazing. Well done. I will have to remember to show Dawson. See you upright soon! Shiralee.


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