I love being a teacher

Kia ora. My name is Caroline Larnach and I’m a primary teacher at Cornwall Park District School, in Auckland, New Zealand. I teach a fabulous class of Year 5 kids (mostly 9 and 10 years old). This blog shares our classroom activities and adventures, as well as some of the ideas I have for teaching.

I love being a teacher. It’s hard work, challenging and intense … but it’s also incredibly rewarding. It is a privilege to be alongside children as they learn, develop new skills and ideas, and grow as people.

I was a relatively late starter as a teacher, only joining the profession in my mid 30s. My work life started out with a hugely enjoyable 15-years in marketing. I did brand, PR and comms in Auckland and London, UK for some of the world’s biggest technology brands, and I also turned my hand to local government and the fitness industry. The change of career came about when redundancy enabled me to spend some time with a fabulous charity, Sustainable Coastlines. One of of their schools-and-beaches road trips I had a something of an epiphany: I realised that my heart’s desire was to help young people learn and grow.

I believe strongly that teaching is a team sport, and I’m all about sharing ideas and content. So if you’re a teacher and this blog can inspire or help you in any way at all, I’m really happy to make that happen. If you’re not a teacher, I hope that my blog can give a window into one of the most rewarding professions in the world … maybe your heart could be in the classroom, too.


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