Outer space – learning resources for children

We’re focusing on outer space in class this term and the children are getting into self-directed learning. I lead workshops on research skills and the students ‘dive in’ to our information sources.

I made a collection of learning resources on outer space for children – websites, videos and lessons mostly suitable for learners their age (8, 9 and 10 years old). It’s OK with me that some of the videos and lessons are sophisticated – even if kids aren’t fully comprehending the content, they’re looking at graphics and laying a foundation for ideas they’ll grasp another time.

Please feel free to copy and use this collection in your own teaching and learning.

Caroline’s Super-Cool Space Collection

The size and scale of the solar system
Compare the size of the sun and earth, compare sun to other stars, learn about the relative size of our solar system. A video from Khan Academy.

Compare the size of the moon, planets and sun
Simple illustration of how space objects near to Earth compare in size

Stars, blackholes and galaxies
How they formed and what happens to them (another Khan Academy video)

How big is the sun?
The sun and moon look like they’re about the same size in sky. A discussion of distance and radius. 

A day in the life of an astronaut

Compare worms, humans, Mt Everst, the moon, the Sun and other stuff

Why is the moon bigger on the horizon?
Have you ever seen the moon rising and noticed how huge it appears? Learn why it looked so big…

One small step for man…”
Watch the film of when man first landed on the moon

Learn about the Hubble space telescope

Amazing pictures of space, taken from the Hubble space telescope

These are real photos, taken by a hugely powerful camera.

How do we study stars?

What is a black hole?

“Twinkle, twinkle little star … you look small ’cause you are far”
Another way to sing that famous star song, using what you know about space!

A cartoon about comets

Dig around and find out more on these cool space sites.

Astronomy for kids
A collection of learning materials aimed at kids your age

National Geographic – the Voyager mission

Watch impressive astronomy clips, famous NASA footage, missions to outer space, the moon landing, mars rovers, space shuttle launches, fun space songs for kids.

Our very local observatory in Auckland! Lots of cool information and videos

The Guardian – Space
The space reporting of a British newspaper. What happend to the Russian spacecraft? Do Mars astronauts risk brain cancer? Why is Saturn’s moon like a sponge?

Huge resource of information about space. This is not collected for kids, but there’s lots of stuff to interest you.

You mean you want more?!  You are a spacey kid … here you go, get your head around this stuff!

Why don’t we know about aliens?

How many universes are there?

Does Pluto have an ice-cap?

How do black holes work?


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